Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm divorced, now what?

Well, here you are, divorced, alone, scared, happy, crying and laughing, now what?  Divorce at any age is a devastating thing.  But, when you are 60 and find yourself in this position, what do you do?  As I recently found myself in this position, I can tell you that, honestly, I though my life was over.  Any of you out there ever felt this way?

I equate it to death with the difference being there is no physical burial.  There is indeed a burial, but not one that includes a body.  Weight is lost, tears are shed, appetites either flurish or go away completely and you look in the mirror one day and say to the reflection, "who in the hell is this looking back at me"?  Self is lost!!!

I'm curious to know how many others have experienced this and how you coped and moved on.  This seems to be a huge issue for people 60 and over.  Let's talk about it......